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Post  Xys' Tel Unaki on Tue Apr 07, 2009 1:28 am

My car is fine now.

However, my brakes nearly crapped on me last Friday. I didnt show up at practice because my car was at firestone and I didnt expect the news they gave me at all.

I had to fucking replace everything dealing with my brakes. The left front brake hose had rubbed against the chassis of the car and it had gotten a few holes (The reason for the brake fluid leak I was having but couldnt find) My brake pads were starting to wear thin and one of them was nearly gone. And the faulty brake hose also caused a problem in the master cylinder.

So, lets see. I had to get: New master cylinder, new brake shoes, new hoses. Plus labor and flushing the brake system of the fluids, it cost me 1120.10 to fix.

While its a lot of fucking money, its still cheaper than my other alternative of getting a better car and paying more insurance. And to top that off, I have brakes that work, they feel much better, and it doesnt feel like the car wants to explode when I ease off the brake.

I cant wait until I can hock this piece of shit '95 Beretta for something better >.>
Xys' Tel Unaki
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