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Post  Ikeno on Thu Aug 20, 2009 12:55 am

Ikeno Dathorion

Ikeno's life began in Moria where he was raised by his mother. He had only known life there. When he came of the age to travel, he sought out war, for he knew nothing else. This path lead him to Spring Wars. It was there that Ikeno realized what his duty was, He must execute those who had killed his family of Goblins. He must kill the ones who did it the elves of Fangorn. The ones who had caused his suffering and pain. Now, he wanders from battle to battle looking for them. Killing all those who stand in his way.

While Ikeno wandered, he ventured back to Moria. For a short time it seemed as though he may have found a new home, but it was not to last... He was berated often because of his attributes. There was also the matter of the kiiling of those elven slaves of a higly respected slave trader. The slave trader tried to have Ikeno killed for this insult, so he slaugtered the trader and his family.

He was forced to flee the realm for his life, and so he wanders still..

Ikeno Dathorion:

Race: Night Goblyn
Years fighting: 3 Years+
Realm: Dor Daedeloth/Walkmure
Events attended: Spring Wars 2006, Dur Demarion Opener 06, and Freedom Wars 07
Events Hosted: Freedom Wars 07

Male Number of posts : 89
Age : 30
Realm : Dor Daedeloth
Fighting Style : Lefty Sword N' Board
Registration date : 2009-08-01

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