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Post  Leinad on Tue Nov 10, 2009 10:38 pm

Hey everyone. Im sure you can see the forums are pretty ruff looking right now. Things should look cool when im done.

I'm thinking about getting that house idea i mentioned a while back up and going. Here is an updated description of what it will be

I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I believe the realm is in need of some organization. As I found out earlier while realm leader however, trying to organize this realm is like trying to get a cat to take a bath. I might not be realm leader anymore, but I still want to help this realm out. To help people out and keep the realm alittle more organized I'm going to form a house. It's similar to the idea I had a while back but I've got a better idea of what I want to do with it now.

Goals of the House
Houses enable people in belegarth to take the hobby to a new level. One of the primary goals of the house will be the betterment of it's members. We will do physical training, learn to fight as a team, and gain experience with various types of weapons. Another main goal of the house will be to keep it's members informed of whats going on in the realm and to make it easier for members to get information and gear. Finally, the last major goal of the house is to be helpfull to the realm. We will set and example for the rest of the realm by having our members wear garb to practice, demonstrate that it is possible to fight as a team, help with any events the realm may host, and help out in any other way that may come up. Oh and one more thing, (the most import goal of all!), we will have fun. If it stops being fun then where're not doing something right.

The Nature of the House
I have no idea how many people will want to join however I am going to try to keep the house smaller than ten people. If it becomes inevitable that it must grow larger, I have plans on how to go about expanding it. I'm going to try to choose people to join who are of simulor skill level. The reason for this is to try to keep drama down. I've noticed that in belegarth more skilled fighters usually end up trying to dominate less skilled ones. If everyone grows at near the same speed this problem should be reduced. On a related note, I don't want people to join that haven't been with us for at least two or three months. Although one of the primary goals of the house will be for it's members to improve as fighters, and house practices will be conducted in an organized manner, the house does not exist for combat alone and will not obsess over it. The house's team stratagige will largely revolve around small unit flanking tacktics, namely “wolf packing”. We will train to fight quickly and aggressively, without waiting for things to happen. Mobility will be to our stratagie. The house will not have ranks. The goal of the house is not to gain bragging rights. The exception to this is that I will be the leader and have authority to manage the house. If you don't think I can responsibly handle having that power then don't join. I'm not going to make any crazy demands.

The House Practice
The house will have a designated house practice once every week. Unlike the realm “practices”, the house practices will be actual practices in which there will be physical training, drills, discussion of tactics, skill training, and other things. Participants will be expected to arrive on time. I will be leading the practices; they will be modeled after various martial arts classes I've taken. Although I'm not exactly new, I don't feel like I've reached the point in which I would be justified in teaching much. However, I can lead people through physical training and drills. For example, one of the things we will do every practice is pair up with someone and spend at least 5 minutes throwing a javelin back and forth. If you spend at least a little time each week learning to throw and catch javelins, you will get better at it even if the person having you do the drills isn't an expert at it. During the practices, we will also discuss team tactics and try to learn to work together. I will arrange it with the realm leaders so that we will be on the same team whenever possible during realm practices so that we can try the things we've learned and the ideas we've came up with.

Benefits of Joining the House
Exercise. Easier access to information, weapons, and garb. Training. A spiffy sash. Friends.

Joining the House
If you meet all of the requirements, you will be considered for joining the house. At this point if you have not expressed interest in joining, you will need to inform me so I know you want to join. If we are interested in having you, the next thing that will happen is we will offer to let you take the trial. Should you accept and take the trials, we will decide whether or not to accept you based on your performance (more than just if you win or not will be considered). The house is looking for people who are intermediate; not new but not worthy of the title of veteran. Being a veteran or new does not make it impossible to join however your chances of getting in are diminished. The reasoning for this is as follows. New people may feel pressured to join a house as soon as possible. We want people who will join this house because they want to. Also, new people should have some time to develop their own idea and styles before joining the house. Finally, not being able to join immediately gives interested people a goal to aspire to. For veterans, the reason is I want the house to be as close to the same skill level as possible. Having members who are dramatically better than everyone else can potentially create a situation where the veteran may get to big of a head and try to boss other members around. If we do not offer you the trial, it doesn't necessarily mean we don't want you. It's possible that we simply aren't looking for new members at the time.

You must have/do these things before you can join. If you want to join and need help meeting these requirements, feel free to ask for help.

1.You must be in good standing with the realm and have a signed waiver (I will check for it).
2.You must have minimum passing garb.
3.You must have a fighter name; persona's are not required.
4.You must have your own legal class 1 or class 1&3 weapon.
5.You must also own whatever equipment is needed to fight the way you plan to. (For example, if you plan to sword n board, you must have your own shield. If your planning to single blue and have meet requirement #3, your good to go.)
6.Don't try to join if your an *** and/or are not willing to work with other fighters as a team.
7.You must register an account on the realms forum ( and set the account to e-mail a notification to you when you receive a private message. Although not required, it is highly encouraged that you check the forms regularly.
8.You must take and score at least 80% on Zuryel's heralds test.

House Code of Conduct and Philosophy
1.Although Belegarth is a particularity involved hobby, it is still just a hobby. Do not try to turn it into a way of life. Things that happen in your real life such as your education and your job are more important. Do not neglect them for Belegarth. If this means missing house practices, so be it, I won't hold it against you.

2.Treat fighters with less skill than yourself with the same respect that you would give fighters that are better than you. Always remember that no matter how good you get, there are plenty of people out there that can beat the living **** out of you, they just might not happen to live near you or fight with fake swords.

3.Dealing with cheaters: Some people will hit cheaters extremely hard in an effort to get the cheater to take hits. If you know someone is cheating (two or three bad calls not counting), feel free to hit them as hard as you want. However, no matter how much they are cheating, don't intentionally hit them in the head or groin, full force or otherwise. Never try to intentionally injury someone, no matter how much they may deserve it.

4.Winning isn't everything. There is no shame in losing if you can learn from it. Every time you lose, you are given an opportunity to discover a way to be better in the future. It is better to lose several times but eventually discover a better method than to win several times using a mediocre method. Simualry, do not feel ashamed to allow a less skilled fighter to beat you if it will help them to get better.

5.Do unto others: Take and give curtsy taps. Don't hit unreasonably hard. Have self control. Never go into such a frenzy that you can't tell if you've been hit or not. Don't force red users to baseball hit your shield; if it was a good and solid hit take it. Don't publicly and loudly accuse people of cheating. If you wouldn't want to get hit by your weapon, don't use it. Respect the authority of heralds and weapon checkers.

6.If you get separated from the house while teams are being picked, fight for the team you where put on. Don't try to join or help the other side.

7.Never forget that at the end of the day, your just a guy wearing silly cloths swinging a fake sword around at your friends. Know the difference between training to be a great fighter, and taking things way to seriously.

After becoming a member, you will be expected to do the following.

1.Follow the houses code of conduct and philosophy.
2.Members of the house will be required to wear garb and their sash to realm practices whenever possible. Wearing garb to house practices will not be necessary.
3.Over time, members must get garb that is better than minimum. Getting garb that matches the houses color scheme (purple, green, or blue paired with black) is strongly preferred but not required.
4.Members are expected to have their own weapons that they responsibly check and maintain or retire as needed. Members that go long periods of time without weapons for no good reason will be kicked out.
5.If a member does not have a schedule conflict with the day and time of the house practice, they are expected to attend and arrive on time as consistently as possible.
6.Members are expected to help the realm out whenever possible/practical. For example, showing new people the ropes, building weapons to sell to people, heralding, and providing input and feedback on issues the realm is working on.

Being Banished from the House
At any time for any reason I deem of sufficient severity, a member may be banished from the house.
The banished member may or may not be asked to return their sash to me depending on the severity of their actions. If the member is allowed to keep the sash, they are no longer allowed to wear it unless they return to good standing with the house. If they continue to wear the sash, I will request to the realm leader that they be kicked out of the realm if they do not stop. The banished member may continue to wear their team colored garb so long as it does not have any house symbols or identifiers on it.

The Future of the House
It is yet to be decided if this is going to become like an academy thing or an actually house/team thing. In the future, the house may host small realm events. We may experiment with glow in the dark fabric and fighting at night. We may come up with a designated team garb.

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