Welcome to the website/forum of Belegarth in Bowling Green KY
Are you interested in learning about Belegarth and other boffer sports, or looking for people to fight with in the Bowling Green area?  If so, you've come to the right place.

What is Belegarth?(A quick description)
Belegarth is one of many boffer sports in America.  A boffer is a specially constructed foam weapon that is designed to be swung full force at a person and not cause injury.  A boffer sport is an organized group of people who fight with boffer weapons while following a set of guiding rules.  Several different boffer sports exist, and fighters can be found across the United States (and other countries as well).  Although this forum is primarily for Belegarth players in the Bowling Green area, fighters from other sports are welcome as well.

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This Forum was originally made for a Belegarth group that practiced on WKU's campus.  Time proved however that said group could never decide on a name for itself and stay solid.  The group became fragmented somewhat and could never get organized.  The goal and hope of this forum is to be a place that all foam fighters in Bowling Green, not just Belegarthers, can come together to discuss things, get organized, and socialize.

Already a fighter?
In that case, go ahead and enter the forum.  Be sure to check the current known schedule of practices in the area, and be sure to introduce yourself.  If you already have a group and want to let people know when your practices are, or if you want a private subforum for your members, please send an admin a PM.

Want to know more about Belegarth?
Belegarth is a safe, cheap, and fun sport where participants wear medieval or fantasy themed clothing and fight with foam padded weapons. The fighting is hard and fast and has, since 1979, refined into its own brand of martial art. The rules are easy to learn and after a few practices you will be hooked

Joining Belegarth is easy; just show up!  There is no test to get in.  Simply show up to a practice somewhere and talk to the people there.  After explaining the rules to you, if there are weapons available you will be able to start fighting right away.  If you like Belegarth, continue to come back and people will help you make or buy your own weapons and garb.  You do not need prior fighting experience to get started in Belegarth.  Although having formal martial arts training is helpful, it is not necessary.  Many people who play Belegarth have no real background in sword fighting but slowly learn through trial and error as well as practice.  If you do have formal martial arts training, feel free to try to incorporate your style into your fighting.

Although Belegarth is technically a LARP, most of us really hate being referred to as one.  LARPs  are usually focused on the role playing aspect of boffer fighting.  Belegarth and other martial arts fighting sports like it focus on the physical.  At its best, fighting in Belegarth is just as demanding as any competitive sport out there.  The fighting can also be very laid back and relaxed however; your experience will vary from group to group and fighter to fighter.

Belegarth can be a great form of exercise.  Like any other form of exercise, the more you put into it, the more you will gain from it.  If you stay mobile and fight aggressively, you will get an amazing workout that utilizes many muscle groups and will get you breathing heavily.  Unlike exercising in a gym, Belegarth is interesting and fun, and you will find it alot easier to push yourself to keep going.  On the other hand, if your relaxed and fight less aggressively, you won't get all that great of a workout, but it still beats sitting inside doing nothing.

Although most Belegarth groups don't have regular scheduled matches with each other as a normal sports team would, that doesn't mean that we never get together and fight.  Throughout the year, various groups in Belegarth host large scale events that fighters from all over the nation attend.  These events are usually weekend long camping trips with fighting by day and drinking by night.  Some events take place indoors however, as this one does (watch the video, it is awesome).